Why Us


Artificial intelligence

TRN is powered by its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, a world class Player Protection system which ensures the best gaming experience and secure environment during game play. AI makes sure players don't slip off the edge even if a connection drops mid-session. Given that this is the #1 cause for concern among online gamers in India, the technology really hit it off brilliantly with our player base.


Smart Correction

To further provide a safe and fantastic gaming experience, TRN constantly adds layers of protection tackling various issues. One such feature is Smart Correction, enabled when a player has the right sets and combinations of cards, but places an invalid show. This covers a large variety of players - amateur gamers, seasoned players new to online gaming, time limitations, network connectivity issues or simply just a hasty mistake.


Extended Auto Play

Gaming experience is a top priority with TRN and we are constantly updating new features based on player feedback. Auto Play (AP) is a feature that kicks in if there is an internet disconnect during game play. AP draws a card and discards it (same card) for 5 consecutive turns giving you a chance to connect back and take control of your game.