Privacy Policy

All of us at Taj Rummy Network clearly know and recognise how important your privacy and personal data is to you, and we would like to reassure all our users of our complete and uncompromising commitment to this issue. To this end, we have clearly defined and robust safety and confidentiality rules that ensure the optimum protection of your personal data at all times, and at every stage.

Please do note that none of your personal data is collected or obtained by our company or employees without your prior consent. Also, do note that all of our privacy and data rules and measures apply to all of our employees and the affiliates of our company.

TRN Privacy Policy

About us

The Taj Rummy Network (TRN) has rapidly grown to be one of the largest B2B rummy providers in the country, operating all across India with the only exception of Assam and Odisha. Envisioned and developed in India, this network includes more than five of the strongest brands and operators dominating the e-gaming industry. As the independent B2B division of Grid Logic, TRN has proven credentials, asserted by the practical and strategic partnership their associates enjoy. This comprises a broad range of end-to-end services through means of in-house resources and connections. Their superior reach is the outcome of the specific expertise they are able to provide across local markets. The network is headed by a core management team, trusted nationwide for its proficiency in all aspects of the gaming market. TRN offers exclusive and highly customizable solutions, in the realms of technology, operations, and marketing tools and avenues to help make your business flexible and maximize lifetime customer value. Both operators and end-users will find a wide variety of cash games and tournaments to choose from on a daily and even hourly basis in this network. TRN’s rich gaming experience and meticulously constructed portfolio can empower or enhance your market offering in alignment with your business goals. If you’re looking to take your gaming environment online, TRN promises your venture a valuable competitive edge; likewise, if you want to boost your existing operations. Your company will greatly benefit from the critical flexibility and dedicated customer service guaranteed by the network. TRN is headquartered in Gurgaon and part of Grid Logic Games.

Who this Privacy Notice applies to:

This Privacy Notice is applicable to all individuals who access, browse and use our website. As such, this notice seeks to provide all our users with an insight into how we collect, use and process the personal data we obtain from our users when they use our website or platforms. In succinct terms, we collect our users’ personal data when they access our website, sign up or register with us, when they contact us, or even when they participate in our affiliation and partnership programs through our website.

Partners: This privacy notice applies to all our partners as well, as they will be considered, for the purposes of this notice, as a regular user of our website and platforms. In addition, do note that we will also have to process some personal data with a view to better carry out and perform our defined partnership agreement.

Important: We highly recommend that all our users and partners carefully read through and process the information contained in the Privacy Notice, along with any other fair processing policies we may provide on specific instances, when personal data is sought and processed. Doing so will ensure that they are always aware of how and why we endeavour to use and process any personal data.

Third Party Links

As users may have noticed, our website and platforms often do include links to third party websites, as well as plug-ins and applications. Do note that clicking on the links, plug-ins and applications, may allow third party organizations to access, collect and process users’ personal data. Further, do also note, that these third parties do not fall under the purview of our Privacy Notice. Therefore, we do encourage our users to refer to any/all of the privacy notices of all the third party websites and organisations in question.

Types of data

  • Personal Data, for the purposes of the Privacy Notice, refers to any information or data which identifies a person or persons. This does not include anonymous data, or data from which a person/persons identity has been expunged or removed.
  • The Processing of Data, for the purposes of the Privacy Notice, refers to all activities which include the accessing, collecting, handling, storing, sharing, using, transferring, erasing and disposing of data. Please note that the amount or type/category of data we collect and process from an individual user will depend on the nature and extent of the activities that the user undertakes and carries out on our website and platforms.
  • For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, Identity and Contact Data refers to our users’ or individuals’ names, addresses, phone number/s, and any other personal data solicited, obtained or provided through the use of our website or platforms. In the case of our partners, Identity and Contact data will refer to any personal data obtained in the course of the partnership duration.
  • For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, Financial Data will be taken to mean any information that is necessary to process payments, the prevention of fraud, as well as any information that is deemed to be related to billing and payments. This Financial Data will include card numbers used for payments, the cardholder’s name, security code numbers and expiry dates. Do note that we process payment details as received from the payment card issuer, or the provider of the chosen mode of payment for all payment methods and modes.
  • Transaction Data, as stipulated in the Privacy Notice, covers information such as details of payments made to our users and by our users, as well as details of other products and services purchased from our company. Partners please note that this will also include data that directly relates to the administration, management and performance of our partnership.
  • When mentioned in the Privacy Notice, Technical Data will refer to and include information such as browser type and version, time zone settings and locations, internet protocol (IP) addresses, operating system platforms and other technology, and browser plug-in types and versions on the devices used to access our platform and website.
  • Usage Data, when mentioned in the Privacy Notice, will include data and information about how the individual users use the website, and will include, services consumed, sections viewed and searched for, download errors, length of time spent on the website, and page interaction information - including scrolling, clicks, mouse-overs, and page response times.
  • Marketing and Communication Data for the purposes of the Privacy Notice will refer to individual users’ chosen preferences as regards frequency of receiving marketing communication from our company, and the mode of communication chosen by the individual user.
  • Other data: Users should also note that our company also uses, collects and shares aggregated data, including demographic or statistical data, for certain reasons and purposes. Such aggregated data could be obtained from our users’ personal data, but is deemed not to be personal data by law (as this data does not reveal our users’ identities). For instance, our company may aggregate an individual user’s data to arrive at a user’s time spent on a particular game or section on the website. For this, we will be required to connect aggregated data with an individual user’s personal data so that it can directly identify an individual user, however, we will treat the data thus combined as Personal Data, and will follow the norms as prescribed in the Privacy Notice.

Users should also note that our company does not access, use or collect any special categories of personal data, such as genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying an individual, data that relates to the health or sexual orientation of users, data concerning the racial or ethnic origin of users, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs and the trade union membership of users. Besides this, we also do not store, collect or use data concerning our users’ offences and criminal convictions. We therefore urge you not to communicate information regarding criminal convictions or offences, as well as any special categories of personal data (concerning yourself or others), as detailed above via our website, platforms or any other means of communication.

How our users’ Personal Data is obtained

Our user’s Personal Data may be received through the following means:

  1. Direct or voluntary submission: Users may provide us with personal data such as Identity and Contact Data, Profile Data, Financial Data and Transaction Data through the creation and management of their user accounts on our website and platforms, the filling in of forms on our website and platforms, correspondence to our website or platforms via post, phone, email, SMS and social media, and by providing us with product details. It should be noted that this personal data includes information provided to us when users participate in promotions, surveys and competitions, as well as when they use the ‘Contact us’ section on our website and platforms, and when providing feedback.
  2. Automated interactions: Our website and platforms collect and aggregate Technical Data and Usage Data, such as, device or devices used to access our website and platforms, searches carried out, website sections viewed and used, traffic data, browsing actions and patterns, web logs and other communication data, and any other resources that our users view. This personal data is collected by means of tracking codes, server logs, cookies and other related technology. In addition, our company may also receive Technical Data when our users visit other websites through the use of our cookies.

Updating Personal Data

It’s crucial and important to us that all the Personal Data that we have about our users is current and accurate. This enables us to provide a continuously high-level of service to our patrons. Therefore, we strongly urge all our users to update any changes to key information on the user account settings page.

Data Security

Our carefully selected security measures safeguard and protect all of our users’ Personal Data from being accidentally accessed, used, collected or lost in any unauthorized manner or means. To this end, we limit access to Personal Data on a strictly ‘need to know basis’ with our employees and partners. Users can be rest assured that these employees are subject to obligations of confidentiality. Please note that no entity, our company, website and platform included, can outright commit to keeping personal data always secure, therefore, we urge all our users to notify us at the earliest if they have reason to believe that any security breaches have been made.

Retention of Data

Users should note that our company, website and platform will only retain our users’ Personal Data for as long as deemed reasonably necessary - this will include, for fulfilling legal purposes, as well as for regulatory tax, accounting and reporting purposes. Please note that we may be required to retain Personal Data for an extended timeframe as necessitated by a complaint, or if there is a genuine possibility of a legal dispute. This extended period will be determined by the nature, sensitivity and amount of the personal data obtained, the possible likely risk of malice from the unauthorised use or disclosure of the personal data, any purposes for which our company, website or platform may need to process our users’ personal data, and if we can meet those requirements through other means, and any other applicable legal, regulatory, tax, accounting requirements as deemed fit.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, including any requests, please contact us through the support and contact us links on the website or email us at